What is Mohair?

Mohair is the lustrous and strong hair of the Angora goat.
Often referred to as the “diamond fiber,” the distinctive
properties of mohair have made it a highly desired fiber for
clothing and home furnishings. Prior to the development of
synthetics, mohair was the fiber of choice for horse cinches.
Due to the increased demand for quality products, today’s
saddle-makers and horseman have rediscovered the benefits
of mohair for cinches, as well as breast-collars, mecates and


*It’s a natural fiber. This means it is great for horses with sensitive skin who might react to synthetic cinches.
*Is hair and will not shrink like wool.
*Soft luxurious hand and rich luster combine with great durability for a long lasting product.
*Very resilient fibers, which means that it doesn’t crush or mat easily.
*It is breathable and strong.
*Very soft and comfortable.
*Takes dyes well, allowing beautiful custom colors to be used.
*Easy to care for.
*With a properly tied cinch, it should last for years.

*Wicks moisture away from the horse preventing many common skin issues.

Cleaning is simple;

just use a stiff brush to brush away dirt occasionally. If the cinch is very dirty, you can simply rinse it gently in a bucket of water. You want to rinse out the dirt and salt buildup, but don’t try to get all the horsehair out. The horses’ hair fills up the cracks in the cinch cords, and felts with the mohair to make the cinch even more comfortable to the horse. After you wash a cinch, lay it out to dry.  After it dries it may shrink a bit, but it will stretch out again with use.

     When selecting a cinch for your horse, care should be taken in selecting material that is comfortable for the horse, as well as durable. It is easy to overlook the importance of a comfortable cinch. When a cinch is uncomfortable, it can start or exacerbate ‘cinchy’ problems.

You may want to consider the benefits of a mohair
cinch, the next time you are choosing a cinch.